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Logan James David Millar is an author, actor, and your acquaintance! He lives near the very center of Canada itself. Browse this website and you will find links to his books, youtube channel, Facebook page, as well as some information about him and contact information. Feel free to browse and learn a little more about him and his books.

About L.J.D. Millar

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Logan Millar was homeschooled due to many health issues while he was growing up. He suffers from Lyme Disease and it's many co-infections. Logan had dreamt of being a published author for some time and has worked hard and overcome many obstacles to make that dream come true. Logan now has one novel published, with more in the works! As well as a series of novelettes he's working on. He has nearly a decade of acting experience with Steinbach's Backyard Theatre Company, as well as experience acting in productions performed with his church. On top of this, he has also voiced a minor speaking role in North Stream Universe's animated serial, A Masked Avenger. Logan has also been on film sets as a paid extra in the past.


This is the hidden profile for L.J.D. Millar's gamer persona, Eljadyem(L.J.D.M.).

Name: Eljadyem

Nicknames: Eljay, Jay, Elijah(Wha...) and Yemmy

Frequently Visits: VRChat

Status: Extraordinarily weird

Activity: Unable to log

L.J.D. Millar's Books

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Rule 1: Message me with a purpose. Time is valuable and it's not always convenient for the recipient of the email when someone sends a message without a clear and legitimate reason as to why.
Rule 2: No spamming. It should go without saying that spamming an email is annoying and will often be ignored.
Rule 3: Be patient. As said above, I will not always be available and may not be able to reply immediately. Rest assured, I'll get back as soon as I can.

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YouTube Channel

L.J.D. Millar is also on YouTube! Keep in mind, he does not use this channel entirely for professional benefit. Here you'll mostly see Logan's real self. His usual, weird, awkward, silly and loud self. Occasionally Logan will sometimes upload something about his books or current projects, but most of that information is reserved for the facebook page. Click the link above if you're interested in any of his content!

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L.J.D. has accounts on facebook, youtube, deviantart, instagram and twitter. However, he'll post on some accounts more frequently than others, as well as reserve some posts for specific accounts. You can check these accounts by clicking the icons below!

Torn From Time

Emit Revralet is a normal person, just like you and me. He leads a life that’s no more different than anyone else’s, and has become accustomed to the same daily routine. Wake up, eat, work, and then sleep. This is the simple life he has chosen. However, I ask you to consider this now. What would happen if someone like Emit was ripped away from this type of life? A five-hundred year gap now stands between him and all he knew. Stranded in a city full of dangers of its own, he finds this new life of his threatened. He did not ask for this, but that doesn’t change anything. Now it’s up to Emit, and his new friends to try and find their own way out of this predicament. Will they escape the city with their lives intact, or will they die trying?

Drufrecta: The Burning Guardian

Barin was once a respected soldier, serving the people of Drufrecta and its king. Sadly, that respect has been lost, and Barin is left to the hateful words of those who'd accuse him of being less than the honest man he is. Barin leaves his wife and son alone when he goes to run an errand. Now, he will find there are things that can burn much hotter than another's hate towards you.

This novelette is one in a series. A series depicting events in the lives of only a few who reside in this fictional land. The realm, Drufrecta.

I'm so sorry!

Due to means beyond the control of the author, or some reason unresolved, this book is not available at this time. Please come back soon, and by then we hope this story is available to you, and all interested readers. Thank you for your interest. :)